CHI-KU Pan-Asian Kitchen

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Asian Food the way Nature Intended

Chi-Ku is debunking the belief that fast food has to be unhealthy. Asian food has especially been altered to something very different from the food actually eaten in Thailand, Korea, and Vietnam. At Chi-Ku we buy only raw ingredients. All of our recipes start from scratch—no processed ingredients.

Visit Chi-Ku and be in our kitchen with us. You will be amazed at the transparency. From the grill, to the Wok, and to the bowl your food is prepared while you watch. Come taste Asian food the way nature intended. Enjoy Asian recipes of the past in a clean, fast, and modern kitchen.

Chi-Ku is raising the bar for fast food healthiness. Our entire kitchen is Non GMO, many Gluten Free options, No MSG, no fillers, chemical preservatives, or artificial flavorings, and we do not cook with hydrogenated oils.

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